Oleh: sunyonoms | Desember 31, 2012

Education vs. Creativity?


I’ve often wondered what the world would have been like if the greatest ideas in human history had not come upon their originators.

What I mean is, what if Einstein hadn’t gotten his brilliant breakthrough regarding relativity or Newton hadn’t watched the apple fall and pondered about the force that caused it to do so?

Better yet, what if these brilliant minds hadn’t had the knowledge they needed to formulate these ideas? What if Newton’s mother had had her way and made a farmer out of him, instead of agreeing to send him off to school? What if Shakespeare hadn’t attended a grammar school rich in Latin linguistics as a child, which doubtlessly allowed him to develop the rich vocabulary he used for his plays and poetry?

Perhaps some other, more capable (or more fortunate) mind would have come along and earned their stake in human history later on. Maybe…

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