Oleh: sunyonoms | Desember 31, 2012

Research: Students’ online and offline social networks can predict course grades

From experience to meaning...

Researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev’s (BGU) Social Networks Security Research Group have developed a method to predict how well or badly a student will perform in an academic course by looking at social relations both online and offline. It can look a bit strange that they extrapolated some of the offline interactions through their online interactions, but there is some smart thinking. Btw, don’t use this research to argue that you better team up a good student with a lesser one.

From their press-release:

The researchers analyzed data from a BGU course that included assignments submitted online and Web site logs (containing 10,759 entries) to construct social networks of explicit and implicit cooperation among the students. The implicit connections are used to model all the social interactions that happened “offline” among the students: e-mails with questions, conversations in the lab while preparing the assignments and even course…

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