Oleh: sunyonoms | Desember 31, 2012

Teaching Science in Multi(sub)cultural Classrooms: Praxis for Teaching Hipsters (pt. 2)

To see science

PT II: Fostering Uniqueness, Guiding Creativity

A profound skill the hipster exhibits is their creativity and ability to think broadly. Environmental educators should foster this creativity through a variety of projects and assignments. The following are a few examples of projects that seem to motivate and spark an interest in hipsters:


  • Instead of writing a research paper, students could make an environmentally thoughtful piece of art (either in materials, meaning or both).
  • They could participate in an environmental experiment such as going vegan or working on an organic farm and then write an experience piece.
  • They could read articles in scientific journals and write abstracts on current environmental issues and research.
  • Some other options would be for students to collaborate with others and join an environmental comity on campus, watch an environmentally related TED presentation or attend a public meeting held by the EPA.
  • They could create their own…

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