Oleh: sunyonoms | Januari 1, 2013

Perbedaan Antara “Ilmu” dan “Paham Saintism”


In 2007, Daniel Walker wrote a position piece on criticism of science (in news media, literature, classrooms, etc., but also – and particularly – in the Academy) that is worth considering when thinking of ‘teaching science’? …

“I was inspired to write this paper,” he writes, “by a troubling phenomenon that I have observed over the last several years, and in fact continue to observe today: The circulation of problematic understandings/representations of science in the Academy, especially those produced in the Humanities. Some of these poor representations have been employed as elements within cultural critiques of science and/or the ‘West.’ I think that the representations have been problematic primarily because those producing them have failed to distinguish between science and scientism. I believe that distinguishing between science and scientism not only can clear up misunderstandings with respect to the two terms, but also can facilitate more effective performances of cultural…

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