Oleh: sunyonoms | Januari 17, 2013

To see science

By Jason Abdilla

Last week, Dr. Tom Katsouleas, Dean of Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering, wrote an article for Forbes about an alarming experience he had walking out of a movie theatre. North Carolina anti-fracking petitioners asked Katsouleas to sign a petition to ban fracking throughout the State. “I certainly don’t want to add environmental risk to our landscape and drinking water,”  Katsouleas writes, “but the problem is that this petition demands the wrong thing.”

Driving off a cliff
The petition asks for signatures that would ban fracking entirely from the state. Katsouleas, in his article entitled “Don’t sign the wrong fracking petition” suggests that instead of banning all fracking because it’s unsafe and inefficient, we need to give science and technology more time to find better ways to extract natural gas before it becomes a problem.

Like freon in refrigerators and lead in paint, he argues, we didn’t get rid of all refrigerators or ban all…

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  1. Be careful though, as the Navajo Reservation stays on Mountain time in the Summer, while Arizona, which has no daylight savings
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  2. Thank you…

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