Oleh: sunyonoms | Februari 16, 2013

Erin C. McKiernan

Every scientist has had that moment at a friend or family gathering where someone asks, “So, what do you do?”. It is inevitably followed by an awkward silence or, even better, two minutes of: “Well, it’s like this…I mean, what I want to know is…well, you know how when…”. The problem is, scientists spend a lot of time talking to other scientists. And sometimes we forget how to talk to other people.

It shouldn’t be this way. As scientists, we want to create knowledge and then share that knowledge with people who can use it. But how can we do that if we can’t explain what we know in a way that others can understand? This is why I was so excited when I saw tweets by Jacquelyn Gill (@JacquelynGill)*, pointing to a site called “THE UP-GOER FIVE TEXT EDITOR”. The site, inspired by this brilliant cartoon on xkcd, challenges…

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